I saw the images and they were disturbing. Images are of the Israeli assault against civilians in Gaza. I did not imagine things in Gaza are going as they are; therefore I forwarded it on to you so that you witness the crimes against humanity that the Israelis carry out.

Israeli air strikes hit civilian homes, and left women and kids without shelter.

A Palestinian civilian, a victim as Israelis bomb his home leaving him with permanent disability.

Paramedics attempt to rescue a family as their house is targeted by the Israeli air force

Again, paramedics try and evacuate a group of civilians from an area that was bombed.

A young man is killed as his home is hit by Israeli rockets.

A ten year old child is killed when Israeli war planes target his home.

A child less than 5 months old is killed in his home. Is he the terrorist or is the one that killed him the terrorist? Mohamed was the only son for his parents who were suffering infertility problems for five years. They are without kids again.

the Israeli army has killed more than 2049 people in Gaza, 553 of them are children, and about 253 are women

And now my dear friend after what you have seen of oppression and torture which humans suffer on this land who only want to live a decent life, and I believe after you have seen this painful reality you will start thinking how you can help those people? And I can help you to answer this question.
Firstly: send this webpage to all your friends and colleagues, let them know the truth of how these humans live and not let them get carried away by the Israeli media.
My second point is that you should write a letter to your government and encourage them to move in a diplomatic way to stop this massacre, and be sure they can stop all this killing if they are willing to do so

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